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O Snap!

School:Creative Circus
Team:Samantha D, Lauren W, Bailey A

Hi-Cone’s current 6-pack carrier is made of plastic #4 a popular but not very easily
recyclable material. 91% of this material is not recycled because it is not widely accepted by recyclers due to the possibility of contaminating entire batches of recycled
plastic or jamming machines. Consequently these issues make curbside recycling of
this material a hassle for the average consumer, which leads to waste in landfills.

To counteract this problem we have developed, O-Snap!, an aluminum 6-pack carrier
designed to safely and effectively support the weight of all six cans. We chose aluminum as our primary material because it is infinitely recyclable in contrast to the current
plastic #4, and consumers are familiar with the ability to recycle the material curbside.
Aluminum is also extremely lightweight and the O-Snap! Carrier design improves the
overall functionality of the package.

O-Snap! Is a 6-pack can carrier made out of 100% recyclable aluminum. When empty, the carrier weighs 3 oz and is 8 inches by 8.5 inches with the handle upwards.
This design minimizes the amount of space needed for storage and keeps recyclability, consumers and retailers in mind. The lightweight and minimalistic design of this
6-pack carrier also allows for easy transport while highlighting the branding of each
can. The package is inspired by the iconic 80’s invention , Slap Wraps bracelet uses
innovation similar to snap bracelets to which also helps limit the amount of space it
takes up inside of recycling bins.