Landshark Shiver Pack

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Landshark Shiver Pack

School:Miami Ad School
Team:Bethany Knapp, Stephanie Williams, Maura Dupre, Adila Wahdat, Jacqueline Corliss

Vampire Squid is a company that solves complex problems that impact ocean life. We develop
zero waste solutions that also raise awareness of issues affecting our environment. The Landshark Shiver Pack is a beach-friendly beer tote created from EcoLoop recycled plastic.
Keeping your cans portable and tidy so they’re ready to drink on Margaritaville Time!

Single-use plastic in our ocean waters is harmful to sharks. The International Union of
Conservation of Nature estimates over 60 kinds of sharks are currently threatened. While activists
are focusing on combating overfishing and stopping nefarious shark finners, we aren’t doing
enough to fight sea pollution from single-use plastics and its consequences for sharks. Sharks can
ingest particles instead of prey and even slowly cut in half by sharp plastic edges caught in their
bellies. The fight against ocean pollution starts with our consumer habits.

The Landshark Shiver Pack is a biodegradable and recyclable solution keeping sharks safe from
post-consumer waste. Whether you’re headed out on the boat or lying in the sand, the sleek
fin-shaped top and shark bite handle is easy to carry and ready when you are. Each can is
individually protected with sturdy, recycled EcoLoop plastic. When it’s time to grab a lager, just
pull on the perforated ring to remove the can. This perforated strip will stay attached to the
packaging, an all-in-one solution to keep your trash in one place. Best of all, proceeds from Shiver
Pack sales will support the Shark Conservation Fund. Once you’ve finished your pack, simply fold
up and toss into the nearest recycling bin.

EcoLoop is a more environmentally aware plastic material widely used in Europe by a processor
named Papier Mettler. Made from used carrier bags and films from old packaging products,
EcoLoop reuses unwanted packaging that would otherwise end up in our surrounding
environment. Plastic waste originating from warehouses and supermarkets is collected for
processing, shredded, washed with recycled water, and turned into granulate. From there, the
granules are inspected and turned into new film for packaging and carrier bags. The bags are
printed on and cut down to size to be delivered and used again by consumers. The use of the
EcoLoop plastic cuts down C02 emissions by over 40% when compared with new bags created
from other processes. The EcoLoop process also uses 80% less fossil fuels compared to other
plastics. Adopting this new age material into the Landshark brand means a cleaner beach for
vacation lovers and sharks alike.

Vampire Squid has done extensive research into packaging solutions that keep post-consumer
waste out of our waters and preserve a preciously fragile oceanic ecosystem. We are confident the
Shiver Pack can be repurposed across any beverage company’s portfolio of brands.