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Cozy Koozy

School:GA Tech
Team:Ian Harmon, Grace Gerdes

Every year Americans throw away over 35 billon plastic bottles. Only 25% of that is recycled and annually about 8 million tons of that plastic enters the ocean. Because of this, we’ve decided to eliminate plastic entirely from our design. In a further effort to encourage less plastic use, we also decided to create a package for aluminum cans rather than PET bottles.

Our brown paper comes from trees that are sourced from sustainable wood, which is grown specifically for manufacturing and therefore is a renewable source. It is a 100% natural biomaterial because it is unbleached and chemical treatments are kept to a minimum, which means the end of the paper’s lifecycle is highly sustainable as well. Our design weighs roughly 10 grams and can be easily manufactured using 36 inch rolls of brown paper, which are bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable.

Brown paper requires less overall material than cardboard and our handle is much easier to grasp than the traditional holes found in most soda packaging. The “nests” around the base of the cans keep them supported without hiding the vital branding elements and the slot that fits under the can tabs keeps the beverage secure without the worry of accidental opening.