Coke Coozie

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Coke Koozie

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Connor Bryant, Alex Scheck

The idea behind the design was to redesign the plastic rings used to hold a six pack of aluminum cans. We chose an all paperboard design to increase curbside recyclability. Paperboard is much easier to recycle so it made the most sense. Completely getting rid of the plastic and switching to an all paperboard package has its limitations when it comes to strength and durability. Plastic is very light and strong which something paper can’t compete with. While increasing the weight isn’t ideal it’s the only way to make a structurally sound package using paper. Using 100% recycled paperboard will also help lower the carbon footprint of this package which will hopefully offset the increase in amount of material used.

The functionality of our design incorporates a couple of different ideas of use cases. Using rings themselves wouldn’t be strong enough so having additional support to help hold cans in position was needed. This also provides a convenient koozie to help hold a cold can. The koozie design also allows for usability within the holder which acts as a cup holder. Each koozie also comes with different colored rings to help identify drinks when you are together with multiple people.