Bring Back the Blue

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Bring Back the Blue

School:Creative Circus
Team:Samantha Abello, Victoria Petrosky, Shelby Ullman, Lindsay Witte

In an effort to preserve our oceans, Bring Back the Blue is Dr. Pepper’s response to
reducing, reusing and eliminating waste. We’ve provided a more sustainable
solution to the traditional plastic ring carriers by introducing the paperboard carrier.
Since paperboard is already produced from recycled goods, you never know what
life you’re on. All you have to do is release your cans and toss the paperboard in the
recycling bin for curb-side service, knowing you’ve made a difference. Reducing the
pollution in our oceans is more important now than ever, and Dr. Pepper wants to
make it easier for everyone to do their part.

One of the main features of this package redesign is it’s minimal yet sturdy
construction. The use of Paperboard provides structure and stability, all while being
aesthetically pleasing. Bring Back the Blue makes it possible to safely get your six
pack from point A to point B without polluting our oceans. The presentation is done
in a cut paper stop motion style with an animation overlay. Getting away from
technology and using found craft paper, helped us as designers get into the mindset
of repurposing and will give the audience a more hand done, reduce, reuse, recycle
lens to view our concept.

Dr. Pepper is asking for its’ consumers’ help to keep our oceans clean. Human nature
means: longing to dip our toes in the water, relaxing with our family and friends;
something that won’t be possible, if we don’t take action today. A small recycling
symbol typically gets lost in the information overload you might find on more
traditional packaging. One look at our new-and-improved design and you’ll want to
dive right in. The simple act of recycling our cans and carrier makes for a brighter
future. Bring Back the Blue with Dr. Pepper.