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Bottoms Up Tray

School:Michigan State
Team:Bryants Wu, Davy Dao, Justin Woo, Hyunsup (David) Lee, Kathleen Le

The new and innovative packaging system “Bottoms Up” is designed to carry the 6-pack, 12 oz. Corona
hard seltzer beverage. The Bottoms Up packaging system was designed to simplify recycling and to
maximize the functionality of the package itself. With recyclability being a major concern for both users
and the environment, this design allows for a compact and curbside friendly solution.

The Bottoms Up packaging system introduces a new look that is different from traditional can packaging
seen in stores. Combining the colorful and well-known branding of Corona, along with this unique
upside-down packaging, this system creates a powerful billboard effect on the shelves that will turn the
heads of consumers. The ease to carry the product and the frustration-free packaging makes it fun and
on-the-go for customers to share the drink with others. While consumers are out enjoying their beverage,
the secured built-in tray design allows for them to not worry about their drinks getting knocked over or
any debris getting in.

The unique clip design allows for the packaging to grip the top of the can. This clip-in mechanism
protects the head of the can from bacteria and other germs that the can would normally be exposed to.
This is especially important considering the current COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers are more cautious
of their safety and the protected can top alleviates any worries of sanitation that they may have. The
Bottoms Up solution provides a multi-purpose system where consumers can easily access the beverage
and utilize the tray as both a carrier and cup holder. The foldable handle is crafted to be the same height
as the can, allowing for effortless stacking on pallets and ease of transport both in and out of the store.
This design also allows for the bottom of the trays to be stackable in the marketplace.

By using an alternative material from the hi-cone rings, HDPE is widely acceptable for recycling. Unlike
LDPE which is difficult to recycle, this HDPE Bottoms Up design can be conveniently tossed into the
curbside recycling system alongside the empty, clean cans. Post-consumption, consumers can attach the
cans to the tray to be then recycled, encouraging more and more recycling.