School:Michigan State
Team:Madison Farage, Sarah Holland, Monroe Farage, Morgan Graham

In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic manufactured, our sustainable alternative to
the regularly used Hi-Cone ring packaging was developed out of aluminum. This material is nontoxic, holds its shape, and can be fully recycled and reused infinitely. Aluminum is not only
curbside recyclable, but it is also lightweight and durable making it a reliable solution to the
existing packaging. Introducing the “ALly”, the first aluminum Hi-Cone packaging to ever exist.
The “ALly” is a drink carrier compatible with all 12 oz beverage cans, which means no matter
your drink of choice, you are choosing sustainability.

The “ALly” features a revolved lip inside of each horseshoe shape, providing a secure fit
for the lip of the can to rest. This design makes it easier for the consumer to remove the can from
the Hi-Cone. In order to detach the can, one simply needs to pull away from the package in a
down outward fashion. The top of the “ALly” features two holes for easy transport. Another
amazing feature of the “ALly” is that the otherwise sharp edges are rounded and smooth so that it
will not cut the consumer upon use.

Aluminum offers prime printing capabilities for any branding needs. The bright metallic
finish provides an eye-catching appearance that gives the consumer a luxury feel while also
being cost-effective. With consumer satisfaction in mind, thermochromic ink could be applied,
certifying that the drink is at the right temperature for peak enjoyment. The “ALly” allows for
simple stackability during distribution and when it is displayed on a store shelf, empathizing with
supplier needs. Its minimalistic design is a modern solution to the original Hi-Cone while
offering complete product visibility. The reduced amount of material results in a lower carbon
footprint, contrasting that of plastic. This provides end-of-life management so that curbside
recycling is fruitfully available.

This improved packaging is an “ALly” to you, an “ALly” to communities, and an “ALly”
to the environment.