Walk Into A Bar

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Walk Into A Bar

School:The Creative Circus
Team:Emily Morley, Eva Lineberger, Spencer Linton,

Children are messy, funny, and wildly unpredictable. But they are also curious and
impressionable, constantly absorbing the world around them. As responsible
manufacturers, we must not only consider what we are feeding our children, but also what
we are teaching them- not just in the classroom, but at home, in the backseat, and even
walking through the aisles of the grocery store.

Since the widespread market acceptance of PET for bottling in the 1970’s, the floodgate
on single-use plastics has opened. Landfills and incinerators see more than 500 million
straws each day, not to mention the roughly 8.3 billion straws that are polluting the world’s
beaches. In recent years, the harmful effects of this have become increasingly obvious,
acting as one of many threats against our atmosphere, our planet, and now- our livelihood.

And that’s where the Coca-Cola company has the opportunity to intercede, to put people
over profit, and to lead the charge in creating sustainable solutions. We are proposing a
redesign of the tetra-brick Minute Maid juice box package that eliminates the straw and
other materials that are quickly filling up our landfills and taking centuries to decompose.

Using the same materials employed by leaders in sustainable packaging, the tetra brick
2.0 will be 100% bio-degradable (guaranteed to decompose within nine months of being
deposited into a landfill), made entirely of wood pulp, and coated with FDA compliant,
water resistant, heat sealable coatings that have been developed as alternatives to polycoatings
that drastically slow the decomposition process.

Our design employs a perforated tab a the top that can quickly be ripped off, turning the
brick shaped box into a spout that is easy to drink from. Additionally, the juice boxes will be
seamlessly linked together, making them easy to transport and once again using
perforation where the user can easily tear one off without having to break through a layer
of plastic. With these simple but important changes, we can take one step towards a
healthier planet for the young consumers enjoying these products.