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School:University of Bridgeport
Team:Ethan Shaheen, Emory Ortiz, Tadiwanashe Mujaya, Julia Williams

Our group found that the main reason why people don’t recycle Coke cans is due to the consumer’s inability to easily find a recycling bin. For example, if you are at a party and you know where the trash can is, but not the recycling bin, one would be more likely to throw the soda can away with the rest of your trash. To solve this problem and promote recycling, our group came up with a 24-pack of Coke with a built-in recycling bin attached to the box, so the user knows where they can recycle the can. By designating a space as a recycling bin, the user is more likely to avoid throwing the soda can in the trash.

The clear perforated tear marks on the side of the box are intuitive in form, to lead the user to expanding the “rift”, allowing the “recycling” portion of the box to open up. We’ve taken the extra step in adding phrasing and recognizable iconography to indicate that used cans are to be placed into the central storage. Additionally, the box is collapsible to optimize shelf space in-store. The handles are cut out of the box to minimize the material usage in manufacturing, and maximize grip, by distributing weight along the central axis of the box.

When considering Coke as a brand, we thought about their outstanding message of community. We intentionally made this a “party box”, with the idea of being able “share a coke” with those closest to us, while also remaining conscientious of our environment. The best part? It takes close to no extra work for the consumer to recycle. Just break the tear strips and pull the boxes apart, and you are ready to go!