The Stem Pack

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The Stem Pack

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Allison Peden, Asia Burrell, Carlos Correa, John White, Ronak Patel

The integrated stem design is a more environmentally conscious alternative to the Tetra Pak. Less straws in the world means happy sea turtles, no plastic straws mean cleaner oceans for the families that enjoy Minute Maid. This ideally biodegradable package helps to promote and continue Coca Cola’s sustainable initiative:

The stem design also means that the consumer deals with a single object- there is no secondary thing to fiddle with- there is no piercing the Pak with a straw- something that was a point of frustration for consumers. The stem is made from the same material as the box and is a part of the pack. A leaf- shaped sticker holds the stem down and seals the pack until the consumer peels it away to reveal the stem.

Not as Squeezable-
Kids like to touch to squeeze, to play- you want your kid to be happy and healthy and to explore their world, but you don’t want them to get juice all over your kitchen floor when they squeeze their juice box. The shape of our juice box is sturdier and less squeezable. The integrated stem also provides the same spill- restriction as a traditional straw juice box. We can’t promise that the kids won’t make a mess with it (they can always find a way) but we certainty are trying to keep you carpet a little less stained.

Functional, Fun Shape-
The octagonal display on-shelf stands out from other juice/beverage brands in the grocery store. The single also has an unconventional shape that would stand out to consumers in a fridge at the airport, convenience store, or at a friend’s house. What is this? Oh, it’s Minute Maid. I like Minute Maid.

Visual Design Elements
The visual elements of the packaging reflect Minute Maid’s core beliefs. It appeals to children, and reminds adults of the simple joy of Minute Maid products. The smile and shape of the Stem Pack encourages play and positivity. We wanted the package to reflect the mood of the consumer- a slow smile spreading across their face, sipping a cool, refreshing juice in the kitchen after a hot day outside. Or a child, tired in the backseat after soccer practice, smiling back at the package when their mom hands them a Minute Maid Stem Pak.

How this fits into Minute Maid’s Mission statement and Brand-
This design is simple. It is forward thinking and environmentally responsible without being futuristic. It looks ahead while continuing Minute Maid’s Identity as a good, simple, quality product. It is not overly flashy because it doesn’t have to be. Consumers trust and know the Minute Maid Brand. They know that the juice is refreshing and healthy, and that when they buy it they know that they have made a good decision.