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Team MState

School:Michigan State University
Team:Isaac Fitzgerald, Abbey Behan, Yolanda Carbajal

Colorful, bright, fun, and convenient was the ultimate goal of our finished product. We redesigned the package to a triangular shape to yield a more confront grasp. A colorful scheme is displayed on the front to appeal to our target audience. Especially to the morning birds with an orange on the horizon.  In replace of a straw insert, we created an innovative closure for convenience. A section was reserved to bring awareness to why going straw less is important.

The triangle design was inspired by the fact that it is more stable, with kids being the common consumer we thought this would be more efficient for them. Kids tend to be clumsier and more susceptible to tips and spills, so the stable triangle shape will combat this issue. The closure is located on the top lower edge of the package with an easy to use open. It is conveniently designed to reopen and close with minimum effort. This allows our little ones to open and drink without much of our help. Wrapped around are oranges on a tree to restate how the product is naturally sourced.

Throughout decades of research and many unfortunate stories of the effects of straws on the environment, we decided to choose this challenge because we as packaging engineers and consumers are aware of the effects of utilizing straws. Being able to make a small yet life-changing feature creates a world of a difference to us but more importantly to the environment.