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Team Carb Thoughts

School:The Creative Circus
Team:Sabatani Shetu, Jazmyn Wormely, Maggie Snead, Brittany Pearson

The Coca-Cola 24 pack has been a staple at social events, parties, and individual homes for
years. In our research, we found that on average users interact with this pack in two ways.
They will remove the cans 1 by 1 and dispose as they go or remove all of the cans at once and
place them in the fridge. Both tasks seemed to have daunting aspects.

For the 1 by 1 drinkers, they are not 100% likely to dispose of those individual cans in a recycle
bin. The “remove all at once” drinkers are left with an empty box that would only fit the empty
cans if they were placed in the exact positions they came in. The Coca Cola ReCoke solves
these issues. It gives users a way to remove all cans at one time and still gives them the choice
of removing them one by one if they choose. The Coca Cola reCoke also gives users not only a
built-in recycle bin but one that is double the space of the box they purchased. This way, they
are able to put other recyclable items in the bin.

Once users have the reCoke box, the simple 4 step system is spelled out on the packaging as
follows: TEAR refers to the perforated edge that encloses the cans. LIFT refers to using the
tops handle to lift 12 cans at a time, which are held together by a hi-cone that is also 100%
recyclable. Once removed, users can PULL by grabbing both handles of the inner box. Users
can then LOCK the inner box in place by pushing in the tabs on either side. Thus, a bin that fits
all recyclable materials and takes up a small amount of space. Once the bin is full, users are
able to carry the bin straight to the appropriate receptacle and dispose of the package entirely or
empty it for a few more uses.

Our creative concept focused on the idea of “the cycle” disposed items go through during the
recycling process. They are purchased, used, and then eventually made into items that are
again placed on the shelves.

Our graphics within the packaging hint to this, showing the flow of the process and the cyclical
motion recycling incurs.

With this, we want to communicate that things will begin and end with us making simple steps.