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Team Bearcat

School:University of Cincinnati
Team:Hannah Grilliot, Mary Dyster, Anna Stock, Annesleigh Bengtson

Life is busy even if we are staying in the same place. We all know how it feels to be working hard and pursuing our passions whether it be rooting on our favorite team tailgating, spending time with friends, getting to know co-workers, or working hard on homework. Living a busy life, it can be easy to forget to recycle. Not anymore! With the NEW Coke: Refresh the World recycle packaging it is easy to enjoy the product and remember to recycle it after.

The NEW Coke: Refresh the World packaging is ideal for encouraging recycling with its dispensary and return function. For the new Coke packaging we kept close to the original dieline and graphics of Coke, to retain branding identification and easier manufacturing. The new design enables easier retrieval of a Coke, but most importantly to place the empty can back into the box when finished. The current box has a single slot that allows customers to take a can out but does not allow them to put an empty can back in easily. Our design works because of gravity and a partition sheet of recyclable cardboard. As one pulls out a can from the dispensary slot at the bottom of the box, gravity pulls the full cans down towards the dispensary slot for the user to grab. The dispensary slot is unique as it is easier to identify, it prevents cans from rolling out and closes when finished. When the can is emptied, it can be put in the appropriately labeled recycle top slot with a partition sheet dividing the empty cans from the full cans. When all of the cans are emptied and back in the box, the NEW Coke: Refresh the World box slots can be closed, and the entire thing can be taken to recycle.

NEW Coke: Refresh the World packaging promotes responsible use of materials because there is no waste, everything is recyclable. All tabs stay attached to the main box, so consumers don’t throw away small pieces and 100% of the product is recycled. Recycling is also encouraged by the many affordances we have including well labeled slots and perforations that show where to open the slots.

Our creative and original design is geared towards anyone that wants easy access to a refreshing drink and the ability to recycle when finished. An emotional connection is created with its classic Coca-Cola look, bringing back good memories and recognizable recycling symbol on the box appeals to all wanting to improve the environment. In addition, when customers see Coca-Cola encouraging recycling with its specialized slot, it will create the “got to have it” feeling.

For our video presentation we wanted to address the versatile situations that we can encourage recycling, since anyone can recycle. We wanted to relate the good feeling Coke can evoke. It is refreshing for both the customer and the world.