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Stout Blue Box

School:University of Wisconsin
Team:Miranda Dehmer

While the Hi-Cone (or the plastic soda ring) is recyclable, it is notorious for ending up on the side of roads and in the oceans where it eventually harms the wildlife. Our current consumer market wants everything to be green. They want our packaging to be recyclable and they want it to look natural too. The 6-Pack Bottle Tray I have designed solves both of these issues.

The 6-Pack Bottle Tray is a kraft paperboard tray that features two groupings of six circles in which the bottles are placed. There are tabs that protrude from the circles which grip the body of the bottle, these keep the bottles contained in the package. On the front face of the 6-Pack Bottle Tray, there is a cutout that allows the customer to take the product off the shelf and carry it easily.

This tray design is easy to be collapsed. All the consumer needs to do is push two opposite corners towards each other, effectively flattening the package. Then all they have to do is put it in the recycling bin. The material the package is made of is curbside recyclable which makes it more convenient for the consumer. There is no grocery store drop off required.

The design of this package gives the added benefit of a natural look with more advertising space for the company. The front and back panels allow room for the iconic Coca-Cola red that consumers are familiar with. This mixed with the natural kraft color on the bottom and top panels makes the package reminiscent of the wooden Coca-Cola crates that glass bottles used to be delivered in.

The 6-Pack Bottle Tray is completely recyclable, easily collapsible, and uses little material. It is easy for the consumer to carry and use. Its natural look would engage any consumer, young or old, in a store setting.