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Coca-Cola Cornhole

School:California Polytechnic
Team:Angelica Grady, Linnea Holmen, Avery Johnson, Shane Messner, Kate Summers

Consumers are conscious buyers looking to purchase from environmentally responsible
companies. The Coca-Cola Company is an industry leader in environmental change through
their sustainability initiatives. Through this partnership with 48 Hour Repack, our team has
researched and developed an innovative packaging solution that makes protecting our planet a
priority. The Coca-Cola Cornhole Recycling Package encourages consumers to #PlayYourPart,
in recycling Coca-Cola’s products. This 20-can pack of Coca-Cola serves two purposes: 1) it
provides consumers an interactive and engaging Coca-Cola experience and 2) serves as a
container to prevent littering and promote recycling.

The #PlayYourPart campaign stems from the idea that consumers can both play a game
of cornhole and play their part in recycling. To initiate play, the package transforms into a
cornhole board. The combination of the package’s structure, graphic design, and written
instructions communicate how to make the cornhole activity intuitively accessible. Upon
receiving the package, slide back the friction-fit sleeve around the box of unopened cans to
reveal, extend, and transform into a full-size cornhole board. At the top of the cornhole board,
tear the perforated circle to create a target for shooting empty cans into a cavity. Keep a tally on
the scoresheet located on the side of the Cornhole Recycling Package. As a player, you can
snap and share your score via any social media platform with the hashtag: #PlayYourPart. Once
the game is over, empty the game’s sleeve full of empty cans into the nearest recycling bin, and
reseal the box of unused cans by sliding the sleeve back onto the package.

Encouraging “Refresh, Reuse and Recycle,” our package offers a fully-recyclable
paper-based system for dispensing and disposing of Coca-Cola products. The entirety of the
package is manufactured with 100% recycled SBS paperboard and printed with inks that emit
minimal volatile organic compounds.

In addition to the intentional choice of responsible materials and production processes,
the package includes features such as a compact structure with controlled dual-can dispensary
and ergonomic handles. Our package’s shape and size is optimal for both on-the-go functions
and at-home fridge storage. Using a perforated dispensing mechanism, gravity controls the
release of each can. The handle feature includes affordances for easy transport, carrying, and
sliding the sleeve off the box. One of the greatest benefits of the Cornhole Recycling Package is
it offers a creative and compact solution for a large volume of Coca-Cola products.

The objective of this design is to showcase Coca-Cola’s commitment to recycling all
components of their packaging system. The Cornhole Recycling Package adds value to the
Coca-Cola brand, serving as a package that showcases the company’s commitment to
environmental sustainability. All the elements of this package, including its game component,
graphic design and functionality embodies Coca Cola’s ideal brand image: America’s favorite
beverage company that is ready to play its part in making the world a better place by refreshing,
reusing, and recycling.