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MAS Team

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Romina Salini, Marisa Morrissette, Jessie Ryals, Olu Ogunbi

Hi-Cone rings play a crucial role in keeping prices low for Coca- Cola consumers. However, they get a bad reputation due to the 100,000 sea creatures that die from plastic entanglement each year. While Hi-Cone plastic rings are recyclable, most of them end up getting tossed in the trash or littered.

To change this, we created Washi Wrap. Washi Wrap is a low-cost alternative to Hi-Cone rings made from washi tape and natural rubber adhesive. This allows for a more environmentally friendly solution to plastic rings while still remaining durable. In fact, Washi Wrap can sustain up to 45 pounds of weight.

Aesthetically the design looks similar to Hi-Cone rings, making the process of grabbing a single can intuitive for consumers. Unlike Hi-Cone plastic, Washi Wrap stays on individual cans each time one is pulled away from the pack due to the placement of perforations in the tape. When a can is removed, the washi ring goes with it. This way, Washi Wrap is recycled with the cans, leaving nothing but the recyclable handle once the drinks are gone.

The washi handle helps evenly distribute the weight of the cans to create a sturdy and comfortable hold. The sea turtles, along with the recycle symbols on the handle, are meant to reinforce the products sustainability and remind consumers to mindfully dispose of the product.