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Game Changers

School:Rochester Institute of Tech
Team:Mikayla Bird, Aurora Kraus, Uddhav Patil, Maria Symanski

In this innovative Minute Maid juice box, consumers will find a creative new twist on an
original classic. The addition of a spout to this package eliminates the use for a straw as well as
single-use plastics. Unlike the original juice box, there is no stray or extra garbage that is
produced from opening the container. On this package, there is an opening flap that covers the
spout to prevent any contamination. The flap also creates a fun opening experience for any
consumer, no matter their age.

This package utilizes a unique and fun shape sure to set the product apart from any other
competitor on the shelf. Similarly, this new design has bright, creative, and refreshing graphics
that will grab the attention and curiosity of any consumer. Additionally, an image of a turtle is
placed on the inside of the opening flap as a friendly reminder to consumers that no marine life
will be harmed with this package since it is fully recyclable and there is no straw.

The juice box contains the same fluid ounce quantity in an alternative shape. The angled
top aids in the controlled movement of the juice in the direction of the spout. The spout, made of
completely recyclable materials, is formed from the original dieline and does not necessitate the
use of additional materials such as the typical straw and glued plastic sleeve. Once finished with
the product inside, this tetra pak is completely recyclable.

This package contains two slits on the front and back of the container to tuck the opening
flap into whether it be to keep the material out of your way while enjoying the product, or to
re-close it for an on-the-go beverage. The long opening flap also covers the spout on top of the
container to insure the mouthpiece is protected from contamination. The flap extends from the
side opposite the spout and is sealed by the semi-circle tab where the consumer would then peel
it back to open the package. An adult or child could easily tuck the flap into the slit on the
opposite side of the carton, and pop the spout into place, assisted by the pre-scored board.

This is how we change the game.