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Cecil's Pack

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Anaya Reyes, Sarah, Ezabell Michell, Natalie Carstens

Looking for a juice box for your kiddo can be frustrating – you want to find the simplest & the most sustainable option, without splurging. The standard juice box isn’t just bad for the turtles, but also for your sanity – handing over a juice box with a straw inserted results in splish & splash everywhere in the backseat of your car, or new rug – before your kid can even get a sip. Or god forbid, you’ve lost the extremely easy to detach straw and you haven’t even opened the box…

The problem stems from the shape of the box & the straw that dribbles everywhere. Our newly designed Minute Maid juice packaging features eye-catching, playful design, fitted onto an ergonomic structure that fits perfectly in little hands, your car cupholder, and fridge. No excess materials, no mess, and no stress.

Our packaging cuts a 4 step process down to 2: rather than unstick, unwrap, puncture, and sip; all you have to do is rip, and sip. Our straw-less packaging is based off of the existing Tetrapak recyclable liquid packaging materials (paper, polyethylene, and aluminum) so it’s recyclable, safe for your children, AND the environment. It provides you with a straw-free and stress-free experience.