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Theseus - Coke Duo

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Shane Yuhasse, Holcombe Hughes, Meredith McCartney, Ryan Carter, Jarrett Gegner

For our design challenge, we chose to improve the existing Coca-Cola Fridge Pack. This package has been utilized for many years for good reason; it is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and sturdy. We were asked to improve the design to make a refreshing new package that could be reconfigured into different counts without compromising sustainability or efficiency. It was quite a hurdle to improve the old tried and true package in just 48 hours, but we believe we have elevated Coca-Cola beverages to the next level of convenience, versatility, and appeal.

Our packaging solution is actually a split package, aptly called the Coke Duo. The 12-pack contains two separate partitions housing six cans each, with a different flavor for each partition. Like many great inventions, we stumbled upon our idea by complete coincidence. Shortly after receiving our design prompt we went to the grocery store to pick up a Fridge Pack of Coke to use in our brainstorming and prototyping. However, we quickly began to argue. We could not reach a unanimous decision on which Coca-Cola product to buy; Classic Coke or Diet Coke. We immediately recognized the need for a split pack of Coca-Cola products.

Our design utilizes many of the existing strengths of the Fridge Pack, while also improving some weaknesses and offering additional innovative features. The Coke Duo is manufactured as a 4×3 case, consisting of two 2×3 compartments. Many additional perforations are available for consumer convenience and functionality. The first one can be found on the top and functions as a tear-and-grab handle for the customer. A second perforation at the bottom can be torn and then folded, and acts as a dispenser. The cans fall to the bottom of the case, while the angled tabs prevent any errant cans from falling out. A third perforation along the front face allows the consumer to split and revolve the case about its axis so that both Coke varieties can dispense out of the front, ideal for storing in the fridge. A final perforation can be torn on the rear face, allowing the 12-pack to separate into two independent 6-packs, great for sharing!

These Duos are excellent for individuals wanting to get twice the flavor for their buck, hoping to save space in their refrigerator as they consume them, or just about anyone who is drawn to our captivating graphical and structural design. Our package is also incredibly sustainable, created from recycled paperboard material which can be recycled yet again. Our design can be nested to limit waste and is easy to assemble for reduced materials and labor costs. The improved functionality and practicality add value to the product, and our creative design will strike an emotional connection with customers, leading to increased sales. We hope you will enjoy our Coke Duo’s as much as we have enjoyed working on this project. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience.