The Twelve Stack

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The Twelve Stack

School:Creative Circus
Team:Olivia Mills, Gabi Robins, Jen Kim

The Coca-Cola Fridge Pack is a staple in households worldwide. It makes sense; it’s a convenient way to buy, carry, and store multiple cans at once and is completely recyclable. However, we discussed several pain points of the current product, mainly the fact that as you take cans out of the box it doesn’t diminish in size and there’s no easy way to transport the cans once the box is opened. So how do you reinvent a package that’s already as simple as you can get while improving functionality and reducing materials?

Well, glue. Specifically a super strong adhesive created by Danish inventor Christopher Stuhlmann to use as an alternative for beer packaging. This adhesive is strong enough to hold multiple cans together during transit but snaps apart when a can is twisted off. The glue is also recyclable so empty cans can go straight into the recycling bin. We decided to utilize this technology that has the support of the World Wildlife Fund to reimagine the Fridge Pack into a new product: the Coke Stack.

The Twelve Stack is comprised of two layers of six cans each for more compact fridge storage. Each half simply separates for easy reconfiguration. The Stack is wrapped in a band that includes a perforated ergonomic handle for easier carrying and can quickly tear off so cans can be accessed from every angle. Instead of having an empty box taking up room in the fridge as cans are removed, the zero waste packaging of the Stack diminishes as cans are popped off. The design on the paperboard band is kept simple utilizing the iconic Coke swash juxtaposing a fresh geometric custom type treatment. We wanted to let the recognizable cans shine by leaving the sides open, also reducing the amount of cardboard required by 63%. The back features three simple instructions–grab, pop, and enjoy–so consumers can acclimate to the adhesive technology holding the cans together. We believe this adhesive is the future of soda can packaging and are excited to share this revolution with the Coca-Cola brand.