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Mondelez Variety Repackage

School:California Polytechnic
Team:Blaine Boyd, Carson Barnes, Marilyn Nguyen, Von Balanon, Shea Irwin

Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, and Ritz are commonly purchased together in the same transaction by consumers, demonstrating a need for a variety pack containing one of each of these products, especially in eCommerce. A major concern that arises in the realm of eCommerce is the protection of the products during distribution, due to the fact that each of the three packs have different sizes. Our team decided to undertake this issue by designing a package inspired by the ease and simplicity of mailer boxes used for shipping textbooks.

The variety pack is made of E-flute corrugated fiberboard and is rectangular-shaped. We selected E-flute corrugated fiberboard to be our packaging material so that the package can be recycled. The dieline of our package lays completely flat before assembly for maximum efficiency during transit from the box manufacturer to the product filling center. Our team had chosen the rectangular shape to meet Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) guidelines so that the package would be easy to stack for storage, conveyance, and shipping. Upon receiving the package in the mail, the consumer is greeted with playful graphics that evoke feelings of nostalgia with the hand-drawn images of the cookies and crackers. The colors used in our graphics originate from the colors displayed on the primary packaging of the products. The consumer would then pull the zipper perforation across the length of the package on the top face to tear open the package. This manner of opening the package eliminates the need for the consumer to reach for scissors to open the package. The zipper also doubles as tamper evidence for the variety pack. Once the package is open, all four sides unfurl, revealing the contents. The Ritz box will remain upright, while the Chips Ahoy! And Oreo packs will lay flat. Our team intended for the products to be presented in this manner to the consumer because it accentuates the way that the primary packaging of the products are intended to be opened. Opening the package unveils the “cushioning” used to protect the biscuits during distribution. These cushions fit snugly against the products to reduce rattling inside of the box. Additionally, the cushions exclude the need for additional protection to be provided by the Amazon Fulfillment Center, emphasizing the package’s ability to be shipped in its own container (SIOC). After the consumer removes the products from the box, they will be able to admire the whimsical interior graphics. The package can then be flattened into a small pile to be placed into a recycling bin.

When a consumer orders Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, and Ritz products from an eCommerce marketplace, such as Amazon, a common worry is damage to the contents during the package’s commute from the distribution center to their household. Our team’s variety pack for all three products resolves this problem by providing a package that is able to contain all three differently sized packs while supplying adequate protection. Our package is fully recyclable and meets Amazon’s requirements for FFC and SIOC packaging.