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Five Guys - Oreo Repackage

School:Rutgers University
Team:Yidi Weng, Jingzhi Yang, Junhao Dong, Ruijia Zhao, Aaron Cheung

Our team selected Mondelez International as the challenge to repackage after finding out that team members all shared Oreo as one of our favorite snacks.

Introduced in 1912, Oreo is one of the bestselling cookie worldwide. In the 21st century, as eCommerce channel shopping has been developed quickly, Oreo, CA! and Ritz are the products often purchased by consumers and being shipped together. A pack of three containing one of each of these cookies would be The most efficient way to manage the product distribution.

To solve the problem of product damage through distribution due to the pack size differences while Delighting consumers at the same time, we created a family size bundle box that targets online shoppers while appealing to the manufacturers as an affordable, convenient, and safe option for long-distance shipping.

In our newly designed box, each cookie package is fixed by three differently designed cardboard between insert flaps. The bottom and the top of the package contains a cushion to reduce the impact of the vibration and physical crush. The package is made from one sideline which makes its feasible to manufacture commercially.

From packaging dynamics perspective, the mechanical shock must be the most critical issue for the product safety during the distribution process. Since the cookies are fragile, we choose to cut down the distance to travel inside the container to avoid collision and vibration.

From a sustainability perspective, we greatly improved upon traditional packaging. We rejected the commonly used bubble wrap and produced our package from Kraft paperboard. Expanded bubble wrap is one of the least eco-friendly packaging materials, whereas our paperboard is 100% recyclable. Our package also uses a minimal amount of material to further reduce the environmental impact.