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Easy Lift Fridge Pack

Team:Yang Zhou, Haocong Ye, Zhenyu Yang, Zhihao Zhu

Our packaging design from the point of view of economic and environmental protection, the whole packaging made of recycled cardboard. Taking user experience as the main design point, the way of taking the whole box of coke is improved, and the problem of inconvenient taking the last half box of coke cans is solved.

Original packaging handle design is not easy to be found, the use rate is not high. Our packaging has changed the original handle design, making the handle design more intuitive and easier to take, attracting more attention from consumers.

We found that in daily use, the first half of the coke is very easy to take, but the second half of the coke is not easy to take, resulting in unpleasant user experience. Our packaging has perforated the whole box into three parts. The user can remove the extra wrapping paper after enjoying the first four cans of cola, which makes it easier to get the cola behind and saves the storage space. The modularization design also relieves the pressure of rubbish recycle because we don’t need to take out a huge amount of trash in one day.

In addition, our packaging graph continues the style of the official. Using the color of red and white shows the most original feeling and tastes of Coca-Cola. Most of the shapes in our packaging surface are classical for customers and for us, and we change some parts to make it suits more on our design— economic and environmental protection.