Coca-Cola 12-Can Fridge Pack

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Coca-Cola 12-Can Fridge Pack

Team:Chloe Seong, Hazel Hwang, Mina Choi, Rosa Sung, Zoey Kim

After many iterations, the team chose to have a solution that is simple and elegant. The package is made of eco-friendly recyclable materials to protect the environment, and for the package to be printed with biodegradable soy inks. Although the current box is made from recyclable paperboard, it also uses full ink coverage on the surfaces of the box. The designers decided against that direction, and chose to not paint the whole box red. There are two possibilities here. To go with the kraft paper or the basic white board. The text information and the Coca-Cola logotype are all printed in one color, Coke Red. The goal is to use as little ink as possible in the printing, so that the recycling of the package will be easier, without the need to bleach out the ink on the fibers of the paperboard. The team considered the possibility of using Stonepaper that is a tree free paper that tends to decay faster if exposed to air.

As for the design of the structure of the new carrier, the package is assembled with only one sheet of the paper that would simplify the production process, which would help save the costs in manufacturing. Furthermore, the use of glue is eliminated. This package is also reusable should the consumer decides not to recycle the carrier right away. It can be repurposed to carry other items as well. When turned inside out, the carrier could be used for lunch boxes, and other items. In the fridge, the carrier can stand or be laid on its side, making the cans easily accessible to the consumer.

The new Coca-Cola 12-Pack Carrier brings a eco-friendly image to the consumer and the public, it also provides consumers an elegant and convenient way to transport Coca-Cola cans. This package is easy to recycle and reuse and thus protects our environment.