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Squirrel Box

School:Rutgers University
Team:Jingyu Zhang, Jian Wang, Dawei Xue, Maoqiu Zhang

The problem about the current package

Nuts are rich in nutrients just like Calcium, Iron and protein, more and more people choose different kinds of nuts as their snacks, but too many nuts also add the dangers about fat especially when people have not a clearly idea about the amount of the nut how many they should eat at once.According to a survey, people do not pay attention on the quantity of nuts when they play games or have a talk with family which will lead fat for many people. Children prefer candies than nuts because in some degree the package of nuts can not catch their eyes. Our new package solves these problems perfectly.

The material of the new package

We use paper as our main material to create the new package because the paper is environmental protection material.

The structure of the package

The product is mainly consist of three parts: the cap, the body, and eight blades. We still design a handle on the top of cap and a small “door” on the body. A axis connects the blade and the handle. Resealable sticker on sides around the door.

How to use

People can turn the handle on the top of cap at the same time blade will move with the handle and push nuts out from the “door”, consumers can get nuts from the door.

The feature of the product

The blade divides the body into eight parts and we put some nuts into each part which fit the everyday needs for our health. We also have a design about the cover of the top cap. It is a clock design which including seven days. Consumers turn the pointer once a day. People can finish them after seven days. Consumers can get a healthy amount. The cute squirrel, reseal door and the handle will be more interesting for children which will also help attract more people.