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Ravenous Nuts

School:Creative Circus
Team:Samantha Markus, Cassandra Cheng

Ravenous Roasted Nuts were designed to provide parents with a healthy snacking alternative  for their school aged children. Kids aged 5-12 grow rapidly, and their appetites can seem  bottomless – while traditional snacks like chips can to fill them up for a time, they are just empty  calories that build bad habits. We created Ravenous to introduce kids to healthy snacking at a  young age – studies show that food habits begin forming around 10 years of age; habits that  last well into adulthood.  

We drew inspiration from South America, where cashews, almonds and peanuts are  indigenous. From the South American region, we chose one of the most infamously hungry  animals under the sun – Piranhas – in order to hyperbolize the appetites of growing kids. Pairing  the bright color palettes of Brazil and Ecuador with the cartoonishly vicious piranha creates a  sense of whimsy and adventure, turning regular nuts into a delicious treat. 

The individual pods were a decision based on portion control – while roasted nuts are healthy,  bingeing is not. The shape of the pods was dictated by the desire to create a more food-allergy  friendly packaging. Traditional single-serving nut packaging can burst open, dispersing  allergens throughout the room – traditional packaging also is not resealable. Our slider design is  meant to stay closed unless actively shaking out a few nuts thereby reducing the risk of leaving  allergen residue on desks or tables.