School:Creative Circus
Team:Elizabeth Callaway, Dina Zolan, Chelsea Haines, Erick Holmquist

Tree nuts and legumes have an astounding amount of health benefits. Too bad the current packaging for nuts is nothing close to astounding. All nuts come in bags or tins that neither look healthy, nor highlight their daily versatility. Introducing Mixie – the portion controlled crumbled nut packets designed specifically with healthy daily nut consumption in mind. These packets allow consumers to add nuts to any of their favorite dishes.

These 100% recyclable containers contain the recommended daily portions for the nut inside and are labelled to be eaten on different days of the week. After purchase, the tab on the back of the package is torn off. It rolls out to show the weekly amount of Mixie packets to be eaten. Each vertical column of packets contains the daily portion of the nut that is recommended for heart healthy daily consumption. Each day is split into two packets- one for AM and one of PM consumption. Each AM packet has an inspirational quote about making healthy life choices and each PM packet has a fact about the benefits of the nut inside. This structure not only encourages daily nut consumption, but encourages nuts to be eaten throughout the day, without over eating the recommended daily amount.

Often times, individually packaged goods are all separated and stored in a box. Mixie’s singular modular design allows for easier production and lowers the likelihood of misplacing and miscounting of packets. Each Mixie package is made out of thick 100% recyclable paper. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it keeps the nuts fresh and is easily transportable. No matter where the consumer is, they can add Mixie to their food and recycle the packaging improving their health and helping the environment.

The unique design of Mixie, is not only different to stand out on the shelf to consumers, but it was created with functionality in mind. Along with being labeled for the week, as the consumer eats each packet, the overall container becomes smaller and smaller for storage convenience. This allows for more shelf space, and as a clear sign that more Mixie packets are needed to be purchased.

Because nuts are so rich in nutrients and provide so many health benefits, they truly are mother nature’s fairy dust.