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Minute Break

Team:Emily Ayers, Wayne Stevenson

Modern Americans are notorious for living unhealthy lifestyles. Americans often consume more calories than necessary, however, they are not getting these calories from the right foods. Fast-paced lifestyles often contribute to poor snack choices like fast food or unhealthy snacks packed with sugars, sodium, and fats. Our society is in need of increased healthy snack choices that are as fun and new as the plethora of junk food available. The Journal of the American Medical Association of Internal Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine established that daily consumption of tree nuts and legumes can promote a healthy lifestyle by reducing mortality. Mi·nut·e Break has taken the initiative to provide consumers with fun, portable, and healthy snack options to shake up your snacking habits.

Mi·nut·e Break’s package structure and design aims to increase consumer interaction, functionality, and promote sustainability in order to encourage daily consumption of tree nuts. The packages’ two dispensing spouts are initially sealed to the carton body for tamper evidence within the retail environment. Once the seals have been broken, the user can chose to dispense the product through either the “shake” or “share” spout. The “shake” spout encourages portion control by measuring 1/3rd of your daily portion per shake. The “share” spout allows for easy dispensing of any amount the consumer desires. It is Mi·nut·e Break’s standard that every offering comes in the same ergonomic dual-dispensing package with bulk “refill” packs available as well. The dual-dispensing package format is small and portable yet contains enough nuts for one week’s worth of healthy shaking and snaking. Each shake fills an internal spout with a portion of nuts that can easily be accessed by opening the “share” spout using the easy-open finger tabs integrated on each spout flap. Once all of the portions for the week have been finished, the package can be refilled and reused for the next week of healthy snacking or it can be recycled with other paperboard. Not only is Mi·nut·e Break’s design recyclable but it is also made from 100% recycled paperboard and printed using eco-friendly soy based inks. Through its reusability and recyclability as well as using 100% recycled materials, Mi·nut·e Break makes sustainability one of its top priorities.

This non-traditional package is sure to stand out on shelves everywhere and increase daily consumption of nuts with its entertaining and exciting design and consumer interaction concepts. Mi·nut·e Break is convenient and portable, while also being attractive and sustainable, thus being the perfect daily, on-the-go snacking option for consumers of all ages. Shake up your snacking habits and join us for a Mi·nut·e Break.