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Happy-o Pistachio

School:GA Tech
Team:Ramsey Lehman, Suhyun Choi

When you think of pistachios you usually think of opening the nut and leaving a mess of shells behind. You buy a bag of week’s worth of pistachios without ever knowing how much is a good amount to eat and an open bag of pistachios for days on ends that easily spills over.

Pistachios are the highest protein snack nuts and proven to boost your immune system, reduces risk of heart attacks and strokes, and gives you energy. However, most people do not know the correct portion size for nuts and would rather just eat as much as they would like rather than count out the appropriate amount of pistachios to live a healthy life.

Without knowing how many pistachios one should eat a day it can get frustrating to have to divide them into separate bags. That’s where Happy-O Pistachio comes in. We strive to make eating pistachios a joyful yet simple process. Our packaging prevents the users from worrying about the recommended daily consumption of nuts by having compartments within the package that contains the recommended amount of pistachios per day. Happy-O pistachio allows the users to keep their on-the-go lifestyle and is environmentally friendly. Made from recyclable materials, we do our best to leave the smallest amount of waste behind.

With Happy-O Pistachios, we make it feel effortless to care for the environment and your health. The built-in waste bin allows you to take Happy-O Pistachios with you anywhere without the challenge of making a mess.