Fantastic Frank’s Vienna Sausages

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Fantastic Frank’s

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Casey Lovegrove, Iliana Taylor, Neha Shireesha, Marco Gianturco

Our team selected Vienna sausages to repackage after discovering several shared childhood
memories surrounding Vienna sausages as a favorite snack. To combat the negative perception
surrounding canned meats, we created packaging that targets kids while appealing to parents
as an affordable, convenient, and safe snack option with a brand that gives Vienna sausages a
fresh, fun look.

We replaced the traditional can due to the safety hazard of sharp metal with a flexible retort
pouch. The flexible pouch requires less energy to produce and has less material to be
processed after use. The milk carton form recalls that childhood nostalgia while appealing to
kids with a fun, familiar shape. The flexible material allows the child to easily tear away the top,
fold down the sides, and eat the sausages out of a single-serve container. The small size can
be easily held or included in a lunch box.

As we created the Fantastic Frank’s brand, we selected bright, playful colors that would capture
attention and illustrated characters to personalize a funny-looking food. Hand-drawn patterns
and lettering complete the carefree, playful feel. A focus on the high protein content of the food
drove the sausage caricatures and puns.