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Emerald Snack Pack

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Andrew Carey, Andrew Shiraishi, Cameron Jones, Luke Heffner

The driving force behind the design of the Emerald Daily Snack Pack is reinforcing the idea of having one serving of nuts every day to improve the health of the customer. The box itself holds seven individually packed 100-calorie servings of the preferred variety of nut, which are separated by a folding paperboard insert. This insert serves to encourage only having one serving per day, while also providing a fun incentive to have another each day by hiding an interesting nut-related health fact underneath each prepackaged serving. The box itself serves as a secondary packaging for the nuts, with the plastic packs as the primary packaging within. The plastic package provides a sufficient barrier to water and oxygen to preserve the nuts. The box is constructed entirely out of low-cost paperboard to save on materials without compromising structural integrity. The insert inside the box is composed of the same paperboard material, and is made into a tray shape in order to support the individual packages of product. The primary closure on the top of the box ships glued closed, and features a tab and slot for resealing after opening. This will help prevent spilling of the packages contents and allow the package to be stored more easily in a cupboard or pantry.

Beyond the construction of the package itself, the graphics are designed to reinforce the idea of healthy eating in conjunction with the Emerald Nuts brand. They also convey information about a subscription service, which would deliver nuts of the customers choosing at set intervals so that they never have to miss a day of healthy nut consumption.