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Beef Sticks

School:Rutgers University
Team:Lexi Scala, Gabriel Reis, Timothy Waldron

Shelf-stable meats need a change to attract more consumers. They are healthy, convenient, and tasteful, but their perception and visual appeal is lacking. Our design has a new image and is different than the typical metal can and plastic pouch packaging that shelf-stable meats are normally packaged in. The style mimics a candy box, where it is corrugated with an inside lining; the meat sticks would be stood upright in rows to look like treat in a box. Not only does the rectangular design fit and look better on shelves, the design increases the portability of the box and allows it to be easier to store. During shipment the package has cube efficiency in storage space and has a two to one ratio compared to a Slim Jim in meat value per package. It is considered a stress free package as it has an easy open and close. The box is also a resealable package providing storage to increase the shelf life if need to place back in storage.

When it comes to sharing, the package has simple portioned amounts that allows one to give to a friend without awkwardly ripping off a piece. Unlike normal jerky or preserved meats whose can not be replaced into the package after a bite, the two factor package of the box and wrapping allows you to still have a location to store the meat even if opened from the wrapper. In the bottom of the box, there will be an oxygen absorber, which is used to help maintain product safety and extend shelf life. The oxygen absorber eliminates the growth of aerobic microorganisms, such as fungi and mold, preserving freshness of the meat. The airtight seal prevents outside air from entering the box, and the oxygen absorber purifies the inside air.

Aside from the improved design of the packaging, the contents are more effective at appealing to health conscious consumers. Our beef sticks are a healthy alternative to artificial protein bars and whey protein shakes that are high in carbohydrates, fats, and sugars. The beef sticks are all natural, farm fed, and contain no antibiotics. Pertaining to the color pallet itself we went for a more natural outdoorsy design to encourage the more adventurous consumer. Blue skies above and endless fields make for a gentle light scene contrasting the bright artificial red or metallic canned look often seen on other shelf stable meats. This product shines for the active bunch who are constantly are on the move, conventional preserved meats have hefty packaging that is hard to store in pockets or handbags while other alternatives such as protein bars are a less nature and often higher in sugars and other carbohydrates compared to the beef sticks. Our product provides a new and improved shelf-stable meat with both the packaging and the meat itself.