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School:University of Bridgeport
Team:Taehoon Park, Taewan Kim, Justin Canas, Kyunha Ahn

Cereal has been around since the 1900’s and has been improving ever since. From different ingredients, flavors, and textures. Cereal has become the staple for a quick and easy breakfast. The only hassle would be the packaging. Let’s face it. The cereal box needs some improvement.

How do you improve the cereal box you ask? Well the first step to creating a solution is understanding the problem. So we did just that. We went out to our local grocery store and talked to every cereal lover we could find. The insight was very intriguing.

Where are the toys?

A lot of the consumers we talked to were parents. They loved buying cereal because it was an easy meal to feed their kids. They also preferred giving cereal to their kids as a snack because it’s a healthy alternative to chips and sweets.

There biggest complaint was that there are never any toys in cereal boxes. As kids they loved collecting toys from cereal boxes and being unable to share that experience with their kids is upsetting.

So that gave use the idea of creating Zoobies cereal. A kid’s cereal that was portioned out in individual servings and had toys for kids to play with once they are done eating. That way they don’t throw them away.

How do you eat your cereal?

When asked this question many consumers stated they often ate cereal as a snack or gave it to their kids as one. They chose it because it was a healthy alternative to junk food.

The biggest complaint was portion control. Many consumers said that pouring cereal directly from the bag was a hassle when measuring out a proper serving for themselves or their kids.


Did you know that most people find the cereal box to be “to bulky or big”? Yet, consumers still prefer the family size box of cereal over the original. I asked them why and they responded, “Because it’s more cereal for less money.”

So in order to deal with this dilemma. We designed a way of storing large amounts of cereal in a compact container. This allowed consumers to buy large amounts of cereal with out sacrificing the ability to store it all.


Many consumers complained about the aggravation of putting the bag of cereal back in the box. They always have to crunch up the cereal and shove it back in. Sometimes the bag would even break.

They also had a hard time storing it in their pantry’s and cabinets. This inconvenience forces them to discarded the box after opening it and just kept the bag.

We thought this was harmful to the environment, a waste of material, and unfair to the consumer. So we developed a two-part system that holds the individual packages and is stored conveniently in the box of cereal. It also allows easy access to cereal when placed in a pantry and cabinet.


The Zoobies cereal box is made of reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable cardboard.