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Wagon Wheelios

School:Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Team:Tanner Savidge, Evan Anderson, Daniel Nette, Teddy Polk, Anthony Tran

Welcome to the new way to have fresh cereal every morning in a perfectly proportioned package! Wagon Wheelio’s are an innovative new way to get your most important meal of the day.

Approach: Cereal boxes and bags have not changed or progressed in years. Kids sometimes forget to close the bag, allowing the cereal to become stale and lose its flavor. Our approach was to package the cereal into easily openable single use bowls. The individual bowls keep the cereal fresh and ready for whenever they are needed. The hexagonal design provides enough cereal for roughly one week for an individual.

Design: Our exterior packaging has perforated edges to easily tear the sides down with minimal force, but still be tamper-evident and able to contain the inner boxes for shipping. The individually pre-portioned cereal boxes feature a top zipper that is easy to tear from the same tab used to pull the box out. The display fits great in the pantry or on the kitchen counter due to its similar size to an average cereal box. It’s appealing design and shape makes it equally appealing for a countertop display.

Material: Keeping sustainability in mind, the paperboard and wax coating inside the bowls make the packaging fully recyclable. The wax coating keeps the milk inside the bowl exactly as a milk carton does. The use of both paperboard and corrugated board makes the design robust as well as easy to use for younger hands.

Theme/Graphics: The Wild West theme was inspired by the hexagonal spoke-like interior design. This creates a fun atmosphere around breakfast-time to encourage kids to get a good start to the day. The fun characters on each door provide a fun activity and incentive to kids in the mornings. The bottom of the box also contains fun facts about cowboys and the Wild West to entertain during breakfast.

Wagon Wheelio’s are rolling in a fresh design from our homestead to yours!