School:Virginia Tech
Team:Ian Grubb, Justin Isreal, Michelle Lipka, Colleen Foy, Ellie Meidenbauer

Traditional packaging for batteries has been mostly unchanged and the designs for them are worn out and difficult to use. When plastic is used with paperboard, there is usually a perforated back to allow access to individual batteries; however, the opening tends to be much smaller than the length of the pack, forcing a customer to contort their hands to fit into the small space given. It also proves to be more difficult than one would imagine to store the package in a way to avoid loose batteries, as this package design cannot be reclosed.

Other battery packages use the clam-shell method which makes it difficult to get to the batteries when needed and is also unsustainable. It is far too easy to sustain injuries from slowly opening the rigid plastic while forcefully opening the package can send batteries flying.

Surge Batteries is the revolutionary answer to all of these problems. Its use of 100% recyclable paperboard trumps the excessive plastic used in traditional battery packaging. There is a perforated pull tab in the center of the front face of the package allowing it to be tamper evident. Once opened, a closure tab is revealed that allows for a hassle-free way to re-close and reopen the package, allowing for easy storage. This ensures the common problem of loose batteries will not occur, as each battery is individually held in the insert and the entire package can be reclosed. Instead of a tiny slot to grab a single battery, as seen in perforated packaging, the book-like package presents the batteries in an upright manner giving a customer easy access to all of them.

Our package is designed for 18AA batteries; however the sizes of the hole can be adjusted on the insert to allow for more variety in future production. The tab allows the package to be hung in the store while the box shape allows it to be on shelves if necessary. The QR code located on the back of the package can be scanned to access a Surge Batteries website for more information. The package is one-piece when unfolded for simpler assembly and manufacture and the box shape allows for easy shipping. The sleek design and obvious benefits of this package will make it a welcome addition to any retail atmosphere.