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Revolve Batteries

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Anna Riethman, Carter Tindall, Katie Wachs, Channel Kim, Nakita Simpson

Revolve batteries offer a unique packaging solution that fits seamlessly into the life of the consumer. The packaging is easy to open and store, uses environmentally friendly materials, and most importantly gives the consumers the opportunity to recycle their batteries conveniently.

The sleeve slides off, revealing a row of unused batteries. After batteries are used, they can be popped back into the empty slots and deposited securely in the lower chamber. This keeps them enclosed within the pack and separates them from the unused batteries.

Resolve’s primary mission is to encourage recycling. Only 10% of the U.S. recycles batteries, so the packaging design offers a simple solution for consumers to recycle used batteries with ease. Once the outer cover of the package is removed, it reveals an all-in-one mailer with pre-paid postage. Once all used batteries have been deposited into the pack, a self-adhesive tab seals the pack, and it’s ready to mail.

In addition to easy-opening and recycling, Revolve’s slim rectangular form provides easy storage. The pack keeps batteries securely in place to prevent alkaline leaks. Revolve also uses eco-friendly packaging made from all post-consumer material and biodegradable inks.

The Revolve brand gives battery packaging a fresh new look that reflects eco-friendly values. The graphic pattern illustrates the molecular structure of cathodes and anodes, and uses a gradient that emulates the depletion of battery power. The name revolve encompasses the cyclical nature of the battery circuit as well as the recycling process.

Revolve makes recycling seamless. To power the potential for change, let’s keep revolving.