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Moon Rocks

School:California Polytechnic State University
Team:Amanda Truong, Jordan Cook, Christopher Tom, Pavan Sohal, Danny Waite

Breakfast cereal has been a kid favorite in America since World War II with 2.8 billion pounds of cereal consumed each year. Unfortunately, the bag-within-the-box packaging design hasn’t changed since then. The design doesn’t encourage resealability, with users having to use separate clips or ties, and most kids just crumpling the bag and stuffing it back in the box. Then there is the issue of pouring—kids can barely get their hands around big cereal boxes, and often times end up spilling the cereal or dropping the box. Sounds like the design could use an update!

This is where Moon Rocks comes in: a cereal with a revolutionary new ergonomic design created just for kids. The unique rocket shape allows ease of handling and pouring, while the bagless design promotes sustainability, and the graphics encourage kids to grab the product right out of the cereal aisle.

The ergonomic handle is immediately accessible to kids, and the tamper-evident flap is easily reclosable with a small tab. This keeps the cereal fresh without the hassle and extra material of a bag on the inside.The elimination of a bag also increases convenience for the manufacturer, as the package is made up of only one piece. In addition, the wax-coated paperboard package is fully compostable and made of recyclable materials, encouraging environmental responsibility.

Moon Rocks has given the old-fashioned cereal boxes a much needed update. With each box of Moon Rocks, kids get a taste of outer space!