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Fruit Loops

School:University of Wisconsin
Team:Tabitha Harnack

Cereal of many types and many manufactures are continuing to package their cereal in a generic cereal package combination that uses two different materials.
My proposal consists of a stand-up pouch made out of 2 ply biodegradable polyactic acid (PLA). Currently this material is being used for applications of candy, baked goods and nuts.
The improved characteristics of this innovative package is as follows:


  • 47-90 days decomposition in the ocean, while HDPE will take multiple years to decompose. Also HDPE floats and does effect sea life.
  • PLA will decompose most efficiently in commercial composting facilities at high temperatures.


  • Corn plastic allows us to make comparable product out of renewable resources, compared to oil reserves that we will eventually run out of.


  • Pouch will use the same shelf area as current cereal boxes. o It has a lift & peel opening feature that is resealable.
  • That will be easy for children to reclose just like the oreo package out there today is easy to reseal and keep product fresh.
  • The way the hole is cut will act as a spout for ease of use for the consumer in pouring their cereal into a bowl.


  • I approached this package with two ideas in mind, the first being a stand-up pouch
  • because a plastic bag is already being used inside the box. The second being a larger Tetra-Pak Recart. The problem with that is they are currently only being filled with liquid products and also their machines are meant to just run that package size.
  • The stand-up resealable pouch will have improved functionality, environmental benefits, and also the capability to use improved printing.


  • The manufacturer will have to change their process, but revenue will not be far behind.
  • Manufacturers can use their new environmentally friendly packaging as a slogan o You will be light-weighting your product
  • Distribution will be a similar process but instead of XX amount of boxes in a shipping carton, you will have XX amount of stand-up pouches.
  • There is a manufacturer out there that has the capabilities to manufacture this stand-up pouch; C-P Flexible Packaging. Then a company like General Mills for example can fill the pouches, seal the final seal, and package XX amount of pouches in a shipping carton.
  • Cereal companies will be able to keep their six sides for marketing promotions including games for the kids.

Emotional Connection:

  • Statistics show that consumers are 33% more likely to buy environmentally friendly products. Also globally 50% of consumers would like to do more for the environment, but don’t know how.
  • You will have improved shelf presence and product visibility (it is enticing for the consumer to see the product they are purchasing).