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Energizer Batteries

School:Michigan State University
Team:Cala Watkins, David Joslyn, Savana Sawnson

From the time lithium batteries were commercialized in the 1970’s, they have revolutionized the types of household items and toys that are accessible with wireless power. It seems batteries are needed for just about everything whether it is the TV remote, smoke detector, or the endless amount of toys the kids open on Christmas morning. Batteries have become a necessity that are displayed at every check out aisle in just about every store. Although there is a large frustration and many consumer complaints, batteries are continually packaged in a dreaded blister pack. The blister pack has been causing problems for consumers since many can remember. The rigidness of the pack can cause cuts when trying to dig into it, leaving consumers feeling defeated and discouraged. When consumers finally manage to open the blister pack, they are relieved to throw away the sharp, jagged plastic that contained the batteries. The remaining batteries are left loose and are thrown into the junk drawer, possibly to never be found again…
With the current packaging of batteries leaving consumers frustrated and junk drawers unorganized, something needed to be done…. That’s where the Energizer EZ Open comes in! The Energizer EZ Open is a 16-pack carton with a pull-out dispenser that is easy to open and keeps the junk drawer organized.
The pull-out dispenser is re-closeable for easy access and convenience, while the carton will have a slim design to fit in shallow drawers. Another convenient feature is the cut out on the top of the pack so consumers can check how many batteries they have left with a quick glance. This pack will be made from recycled paperboard in order to stay conscious of environmental concerns. Keeping sustainability in mind, this carton will also be 100% recyclable at its’ end use. To encourage the consumer to recycle, the pack will feature a How2Recycle label to educate consumers on how this pack can be recycled responsibly.
Not only will this pack promote ease for consumers but it will for the manufacturer too. The dispensing carton will be a one-piece blank that is easily assembled. There also will be a tamper evident sticker on the front of the pack to reduce theft on shelves and warn consumers of a faulty pack if the seal is missing. This sticker will be removed once the consumers wish to open the pack. In addition, using solely paperboard will be a more cost-effective option than the traditional paperboard and plastic blister pack combination.
When the pack reaches the retail location, it will easily be put onto shelves versus the previous pack which was typically hung on pegs. Currently, the 16 pack will be sold with AA batteries because at Energizer we felt this was the most popular battery type. In the future, the design will be utilized for all other battery types.
The inspiration for this pack stemmed from the frustration that comes with blister packs and the need for organization in the junk drawer. Here at Energizer, we hope that consumers love this new take on battery packaging just as much as we do!