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Cycle Charge- Ecopackaging

Team:Mohammed Hossain, Alexandrea Novack

Cycle Charge began when its founders discovered the startling statistics of modern day battery usage. Every year, in the U.S alone, we use over 3 billion disposable batteries, and the vast majority of these end up in a landfill after they lose their charge. In fact, this contributed to about 20% of the total hazardous waste produced by consumers[1]. We soon realized there were two culprits for this phenomenon, one being a lack of consumer awareness that batteries could actually be recycled, and two being most municipalities not offering battery recycling.

That’s where Cycle Charge comes in, our innovate company focuses on the entire lifecycle of our batteries and how we can improve it for the betterment of society. All of our batteries are packed in 100% recycled paper with the compostable GreenCoat [2] coating to ensure our batteries always arrive to the consumer completely functional and without moisture damage. We also ditched the clumsy and impossible to reseal thermoformed tray on most carded battery packs in the market today. Instead, we opted for a paper pegged carton, that when reversed, becomes a convenient reclosable carton.

Most people have a “battery drawer” in their house, where all batteries are simply dumped after opening and new and dead batteries are homogenously mixed. We decided to tackle this issue head on, the problem with most battery packs are they split into two pieces after opening. Our package remains one piece, allowing you to keep the same batteries in the package they came from. We also recommend placing the old battery in the empty cell the new one used to be. Our tamper evident cells will help you keep track of which cells house fresh batteries and which ones to return.

Perhaps our biggest commitment to sustainability is our eagerness to recollect and recycle our batteries. All our packages can be used as a shipping container after the batteries are spent. All our cartons come with a prepaid shipping label on the back of the carton that lets you easily send back any dead batteries to begin a new life through recycling. We believe in taking responsibility for our products through the lifecycle, not just from cradle to grave but from cradle to cradle.