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Cookie Bites

School:Michigan State University
Team:Austin Liu, Madison Nodus- Rydahl, Lindsey Jessmore, Kameron Gilbert, Alexandra Ainsworth,

With your generic cereal box, every day starts off about the same: you take that bulky box out of the pantry, and there is a plastic bag inside. It is hard to open, the rip is never perfect, and after that first use—it is never sealed again. You are limited to eating the cereal at home, with a bowl that will need to be washed.


Now you can have a perfectly portioned amount without a bowl! Each individual cereal box contains one serving of your child’s favorite cereal. Long gone are the days of stale, wasted cereal. There is no longer the plastic bag that children forget to close. The newly redesigned cereal container is easy for all age groups to use.


There are only four easy steps to enjoy your delicious breakfast at the table or on-the-go. First, tear the flaps labeled ‘Open Here’ and then push to open the container completely. Instructions are added to the opening to ensure proper usage. Next, pour milk directly into the container of single serve Cookie Bites. Then comes the step you are most excited for, grab your spoon and enjoy right from the package—no bowl needed! After you are done with the cereal, close the top, pull out the spout, and enjoy the milk.


Cookie Bites stands out from the competitors as it is not the typical cereal box. Individual containers are bundled together in a set of 8. This larger package is the perfect size to keep in your pantry, with easy access and storage. Individual cereals are also available, allowing you to reuse the chute. Each piece of packaging for Cookie Bites is recyclable to help preserve the environment.


The style of the primary package is a gable top folding carton. The material used to construct the carton is a kraft paperboard coated with a moisture resistant barrier. The package is coated to allow it to be utilized as a bowl for eating Cookie Bites, and a cup to drink the milk that remains. The secondary package is a tuck top folding carton with locking tab. Since the carton is intended to be reusable, E-flute corrugated was used to create the package ensuring a more ridged and structured cereal box.


See you at breakfast!