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Boost Cereal

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Andrew Carey, Leah Johnson, Mackenzie McMillian, Kyle Moyer, Jayne Little

Innovation of the simple cereal box has not been very prominent in the eyes of packaging. A standard paperboard box has been the main method of containing all of your favorite cereals since the beginning. Now, not only is there a cereal package with a unique design, you can also purchase multiple cereals in one package.

Our design features a 4-pack of cereal, each one advertising a special “boost” to your body. You can remove each triangular prism-like box from the sleeve to pour into your bowl or in some cases your mouth. This quad-pack creates a variety that allows you to mix and match cereals for a perfect breakfast blend. In addition, you do not have to finish one cereal before you buy another or let it go bad. If you happen to live with other people that have different likes of cereal, this option gives you a happy medium by including four cereals to choose from instead of just one.

The unique features of each individual cereal package include a triangular top that opens up creating a spout to ensure that the cereal pours smoothly and does not spill everywhere. Tabs are built onto the lid to reseal the package and increase the time before expiration.

In addition to the unique design, the package also holds sustainable characteristics. The four packages are constructed of corrugated and the outer layer that acts as a sleeve for the four boxes is made of paperboard, which can all be recycled.

Overall, this unique design of a cereal box creates a product that lets you choose which cereal you would like to have in the morning without having to buy four different boxes. It is also very eye catching on the shelf because it does not have the dimensions of a stereotypical cereal box and the graphics are vibrant and unique.