School:Clemson University
Team:Noah Wigington, Maxwell Fisher, Erika Violett, Frances Baxter

Battery packages are near impossible to organize or store and they have little to no use after consumption. Thankfully, Amp packaging solves both needs by reducing the amount of clutter in any messy junk drawer or shelf and is 100% recyclable!

Amp’s unique design allows the packaging to sit in your junk drawer and take up virtually no space. The slanted design makes for easy removal for convenience, while still allowing the batteries to nest against each other. The design also creates a pleasing display of the batteries if placed on any shelf or table top.

Household batteries are most commonly used for small or handled products that are necessary in a consumer’s life such as: television remotes, alarm clocks, flashlights and smoke alarms. A consumer counts on these products to always be together and be readily available at a moments notice.

Packaging is always a concern for environmental reasons. That’s why Amp’s packaging and batteries are 100% recyclable and require only a short trip to the mailbox. The package itself is the box that is mailed back to Amp where we recycle the packaging and batteries leaving driving to a recycling center a thing of the past.

In todays consumer market, people are wanting packaging that reduces the amount of waste in landfills while conveying a visually pleasing, compact display within the packaging. Amp’s goal in packaging batteries takes these traits to the next level by adding consumer convenience into the mix. When it comes to organization, reduced waste, and easy of use, Amp’s the only way to go.