Sti-Raw (Sticker + Straw): Minute Maid Package for Kids

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Sti-Raw (Sticker + Straw)

School:University of Bridgeport
Team:EunJu Lee, KangHun Lee, Areum Song, JiHyun Lee

Minute Maid Company needs carton juices with a straw for kid. However the package with a straw has some problems. The problems are those straws are easy to lose because the glue which attach the straw and the carton juice is too weak and juice overflows when kids try to put the straw into carton. These are too difficult for little kids to drink a simple juice. There is another problem that modern designed carton juice have, which is creating unnecessary plastic garbage from the separated plastic straw. Parents buy the carton juices for their kids but they still need to be annoyed by this problem. Sti-Raw improved cons of existing goods and Sti-Raw designed and focuses on just for kid. Sti-Raw have several advantages over modern designed carton juices. First of all, Dieter Rams said “Good design makes a product useful.” Sti-Raw does not have additional waste like plastic bag. Also it prevents secondary environmental pollution because the kids do not need to worry about the wrapping bag of straw. Moreover, Sti-Raw can be easily opened and use more comfortable for kids. It is easier for kids to open Sti-Raw because it is made with psychology of kids like tear off a sticker and use a sticker with ease. Secondly, Sti-Raw re-designed and expressed Minute Maid brand by other method. Good design is consequent to the last detail. Sti-Raw keeps concept of Minute Maid, instead of giving the illustration points in eye level of kids. Furthermore, Sti-Raw is designed to be displayed inside market and also easily transported by any transportation. So good design can good business.

Sti-Raw designed as little design as possible. This package is understandable and unobtrusive.