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Slice Pizza Box

School:Creative Circus
Team:Eric Percoco, Jared Fernandes

Everyone loves the environment, even if we don’t realize it. It’s the entire world around us and small changes like recycling can have great effects. Unless you’re recycling greasy pizza boxes. Then you’re terrible and you ruin everything. A greasy pizza box wrecks an entire batch of recycled paper, and who pays for that? Harmless trees. Less than harmless even. They actively create oxygen for us and this is how we repay them?

We’ve created a pizza box to eliminate the waste made by that delicious grease allowing for 100% recycling of pizza boxes. Here comes our one obligatory science statement: We used an aluminum-coated polyester lining which rejects grease so you can simply wipe it up with your napkin before throwing the whole box in the recycling bin.

But if we’re putting our thought into redesigning a pizza box, we can’t just stop at crusader for the helpless environment, not when there’s pizza desperately longing for a new home. We took the time to improve further, raising the excitement we all feel at the site and smell of a fresh pizza and adding as much convenience as possible.

Enter the pyramid. An arresting feast for the eyes starting the necessary salivation for the salty treat ahead. Visual bliss is just side effect. Our box shape uses the ingenious Native American Tipi as inspiration. Coupled with the highly reflective lining, this box allows for maximum heat retention ensuring your pizza gives you the experience you so desperately long for.

With hot pizza comes steam and with steam, soggy crust–unless your pizza box is full of tiny perforations allowing the ventilation necessary for the crisp crust we all know and love. And what’s that, the perforation does even more? Tear along the dotted lines for convenient plates without dirtying dishes or making the arduous trek into the kitchen and back.

And even when you try your hardest, but just can’t get those last few pieces in, we still care about you. Fold up the bottom of the box for a compact leftover container to enjoy that cheesy goodness tomorrow (or in an hour).

A passion for pizza is a passion for life. Feel the passion. Taste the pizza.