Shoju All Natural Green Tea

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Shoju All Natural Green Tea

School:Creative Circus
Team:Chris Darig, Dwight S Williams, Jr., Karine Aimee Touhet

Keurig coffee makers and K-cups now are a staple in many households these days. The current packaging is boxy, inefficient, and boring. With the K-cups and current packaging there is an increased amount of waste. While K-Cups as whole are going nowhere brands can endeavour to decrease waste in the bulk and multi-pack packaging of their product.

Shoju all natural green tea follows in the traditional and beneficial values of Japanese culture. Foremost are balance, efficiency, and an appreciation for increased longevity, which the Koi fish, pillar of the japanese culture, symbolizes. The color palette uses blues and blue greens with the contrasting energy of yellow and orange. The choice of a balanced color palette is intended to remind someone of how a peaceful mind brings strength. The shape of the packaging is inspired by the art of origami, mimicking it with both the angular shapes and the folding techniques. Unique and effective packaging design brings those values to life in multiple ways. The aesthetics create a soothing respite in an aisle full of loud square boxes. It is easy to spot, grab, and then load into a cart.

At home, it provides a beautiful accent on a counter. Each individual cup design is meant to seamlessly flow with the design much like a fish in water. The K-cups are packaged in a way that allows easy access and use. Separate slots make sure nothing rattles around but the cups are still grabable with one hand. 

When the pack is empty it is easy to recycle. The entire package is made from one single piece of biodegradable material. This is important to the brand because in Japanese culture, waste is heavily frowned upon. Using one single piece means there is no waste during production, reducing costs for both the consumer and manufacturer. The unique structure is designed to collapse simply and take up considerably less space in a recycling bin. When the packaging is empty it is easy to pick it up, crush, and toss in the bin.

Know you are getting everything you need without the disorganized chaos of other packaging. Shoju all natural green tea provides a fresh perspective on K-cup packaging on the shelf and at home.