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POP Pizza Box

School:University of Bridgeport
Team:Jzaping Zhao, Jiaxzang Shen, Lei Chen

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, the US No. 1 voted pizza that has been established since 1925, is an all American favorite place for pizza. Frank Pepe usually uses cardboard pizza box for any pizza take out just like any other pizza place. However, most people don’t realize that there are more than 3 billion cardboard pizza boxes that get thrown away each year. Even though pizza boxes are made from cardboard, but it is not recyclable once it’s being contaminated with the grease on the cheese. With a history of 95 years, Frank Pepe’s is committed to being environmental friendly to solve this problem with this new pizza box, the POP Pizza Box.

POP Pizza Box is a unique hexagon flower-petal shape pizza box designed to reduce waste cardboard materials compare to the existing and regular square. POP Pizza Box is safe to be used for pizza take out, as well as used to limits food contact of the box to the pizza.

The packaging is easy to assemble by folding the petal one by one. Once it’s packed, you can also hold the pizza box using one hand on the fitted petals. The fitted petals also provides strength on the top of the box that prevents the pizza from contaminating the top so that it’s still recyclable.

To encourage recycling, the six petals is easily tearable through tainted portion on the box after opening the pizza box. At the same time, the tearable petals can also be used to replace the waste of using paper plates. On the bottom part of the box in which the pizza is placed, the cardboard can also be tearable to six different pieces to recycle pieces.

This unique POP Pizza Box will definitely distinguish Frank Pepe to any of his competitors by going green through this innovative pizza box.