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K-cup Liquid Sunshine

School:Chowan University
Team:Rebeccah Noll, Zoe Beale, Benjamin Schuch

A few years ago, Keurig released a new way to make coffee that revolutionized the typical morning in America. Instead of making a full pot and letting it sit out and go to waste, they developed the K-Cups. K-Cups gave the option of quickly making a single cup of coffee right into your to-go cup or travel mug. However, with every brilliant idea there are flaws. When you open a pack of K-Cups, they spill out all over the counter because of the lack of secure packaging. Not only are they quick to spill, there is the problem of the lack of storage. Some customers fill boxes on their counters with all of their favorite blends, but they can easily become messy and disorganized. If you have graduated from a box on your counter to a separate drawer in your kitchen just for your morning coffee, other options must be considered.  While you could buy a rack to hold all of your cups individually, it can be costly and can also take up valuable counter space.  Save space with Liquid Sunshine and get your morning rolling.

Liquid Sunshine listened to the consumers growing frustration with the loose and unorganized cups and solved the problem with one simple solution: a dispenser. When you buy our product, you not only buy your coffee but the storage space and easy access to help your morning routine go as smoothly as possible. With our cascading sequence, when you pull out one of your K-Cups another rolls down and replaces it instantly, keeping them organized as well as ready for use.

Have you ever bought multiple packages of K-Cups and had to dig through piles to find your favorite blend? Dig no more! We offer six K-Cups in two flavors, making for a total of twelve cups in a package. Our package design separates the two different flavors that are with a wall, so picking a blend is as easy as reading a label.

Our product dispenser takes up minimal counter space and can be easily kept out of the way while still close to your Keurig. With our simple design our package can fit in beside your coffee maker quite easily, because we at Liquid Sunshine believe that an easy brewing experience helps you start your morning bright.