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Juice Ups

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Olivia Phelan, Robert Hajek, Rick Hebert, Laura Capps, Gaelen Smith

Juice boxes are made for kids. So why does it take an adult to open one?

When looking at traditional juice box packaging, the primary issues all stem from the design of the straw, the way it’s provided and how it is inserted into the drink. Preparing such a juice box currently involves a tedious three-step process, each armed with its own set of trials and issues.

First, kids must detach the straw from the box. While this leg isn’t overly difficult, it can prove as one of the most pivotal, as quite often the straw is simply knocked off the box and lost at some point before consumption, leaving kids with even more helpless to open the container, and more likely to create a mess.

The second step is to remove the straw from its plastic casing — a slightly more challenging task that can easily result in cracking the straw or pricking a finger.

Lastly, open-heart surgery… or at least a child’s equivalent to performing it. If a kid is fortunate enough to successfully make it through the first two steps, they must then take their flimsy crackled straw and stab it through a small resilient target of foil and polyethylene. The results of this labor vary but it nearly always involves wasted juice, either shooting out the top of the straw or erupting from the box’s opening as it punctures.

Solution – Juice Ups:
In redesigning Minute Maid’s juice box, we wanted to remedy each of these issues in a way that provided a fun, simple and independent experience for kids.

We started by creating a pre-attached straw that is already submerged in the container, the top of which protrudes from a small well sitting in the top front portion of the box. The drinking end of the straw is ‘corked’ by a stopper attached to a foil peel that covers the entire well area.

To open the drink, kids simply peel away the foil cover, uncapping the accordion-style straw in the process. Kids can then extend the straw and adjust how they please for a comfortable, convenient sip. The point where the straw enters the box is also sealed on either side to prevent any leaks or spills that might occur during transportation.

Keeping the environment in mind, Juice Ups’ containers are 100% biodegradable, constructed from recycled cardboard lined with Mater-Bi®, a one of a kind polyethylene alternative produced entirely from plant matter.

Available in a variety of exciting fruit flavor combinations, Juice Ups give kids the freedom to enjoy a delicious drink right when they want it, without mess, tears or hassle.