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Gaia Coffee

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Elliot Cohen, Anna Riethman, Cydney Schwartz, Sarah Asip

In Greek mythology, Gaia was the great mother of the Earth. The Gaia “Tree of Life”
logo symbolizes the oneness of Gaia’s creations. Our design emphasizes her
elements: Earth, Sea and Fire, represented by the three points of a triangle. Each
element is paired with a unique pattern for light, medium and dark roasts.

Our environmentally conscientious packaging is one with the Earth, using only a
thin layer of recycled paper to enclose four trays of biodegradable k-cups. Each tray
can be easily removed from the package and is ideal for countertop display,
providing the customers with the ultimate value, convenience and beautiful design
that fits harmoniously into their lives.

Like Mother Earth’s loving embrace, Gaia Coffee wraps you up in a warming and
sustaining aura. Gaia Coffee is sure to leave you invigorated and ready to take on the